Finally it is here. My big tattoo post. I now have a total of 10 tattoos. Most people usually don’t expect me to have any. So I love to be unpredictable. I adore them all equally. They mean a lot to me and tell my story. I am also a bit scared because it is all so very personal. I must say the older I got the more deeper my thoughts became and so did my tattoos. These won’t be my last tattoos.. But for now here are my tattoos with their story.

the-life-of-joy_joy-van-zetten2My first tattoo was Hope. It is such a powerful word. Before I got the tattoo I suffered from depression and anorexia. Hope was the one thing that got me going. For me it means so much, because without hope you have nothing.

the-life-of-joy_joy-van-zetten3A few months later I got an analog camera on my ankle. I am a high school drop out because I wanted to do something I love. This camera stands for my ever lasting love for photography.

the-life-of-joy_joy-van-zetten4The cat behind my ear was more an impulse. I really wanted a cute little tattoo behind my ear. So why not a black cat like I have at home? I still think the tattoo is cute tho!

the-life-of-joy_joy-van-zetten5After a long time thinking the idea for this tattoo just poped in my head in the afternoon on a normal weekday. This crown is for my mom and everything she taught me. The nickname of our family is ‘The Royals’ and I really am my mom’s little princess. Just one day I hope to be just like her and be a real queen. I got the crown specially designed for her, she loves lilies so there are French lilies in it and the big diamonds because she adores everything that shines. Funny fact, my mom has the same crown only lower on her back.

the-life-of-joy_joy-van-zetten6This cutie pie is also really special to me. I got this one on my birthday from my best friend. I wanted something to match Hope on my other wrist. But the infinity symbol also stands for Alice in Wonderland. My favorite fairytale(also my bff’s fav). Where the white rabbit says: ‘Somethimes forever is just one second.’ Forever doesn’t excists or is different for everybody.

the-life-of-joy_joy-van-zetten7Serendipity, a fortunate happenstance. I think it is the prettiest word in a English dictionary. The word looks beautiful but the meaning is even more amazing. To me it is a bit like faith, but I do believe I get to make my own choices, but something’s in life just need to happen.

the-life-of-joy_joy-van-zetten8I once saw a quote “An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you.” Back when I thought I was Bipolar(now they think I am high sensitive), negative things really influenced me a lot, and they still do. This quote meant so much. I chose to tattoo a paper boat because I am even more vulnerable than a normal person, so is the paper boat. In the black and white photos you can barely see it, but the water paint represents that I need to let it go. I need to stop controlling things, you can’t control water paint and it always ends up looking beautiful.

the-life-of-joy_joy-van-zetten9This one is for the man I miss the most and the woman who makes my heart warm and happy. My gramps was born on the 11th and my grams on the 14th. I love that no one really knows what it is until they ask me. It is like my special little secret.

the-life-of-joy_joy-van-zetten10But the story about the sun and the moon is breath taking. The moon is surrounded by darkness yet more beautiful than anything else. In that darkness she gives people light. The sun on the other hand is bright and gives life. They are the most complicated love story ever. The sun loves her so much, he let her go. Every night he leaves so she can be. But they both know there will come an eclipse. And that those little minutes will be the best minutes of their lives. I fell in love with this story at a young age. It taught me to wait patiently even for such a sort time of happiness, and that most of all opposites attract.

the-life-of-joy_joy-van-zetten11The beach is my favorite place. It is my happy place. I have so many good memories there. Plus the sea always brings out the best in me. A triangle pointing down represents water, which for me is the sea. In this way I will always have this little bit of peace and calm with me.