Have a nice weekend

Haay! Today i cleaned my room. made some pics! as i promised =] to night I’m going to my grand mother tomorrow we’ll do something fun like seeing a movie baking cookies and go shopping! tomorrow evening i have a party! really looking forward! and Sunday i have to work.. but it’s all for my jimmy choo’s. And i will post Sunday again with a little preview of the shoots i had! they went very well and i am satisfied with the results! gotta pack my bag for the weekend! have lots of fun! xx Joy


Busy busy busy late late late hurry hurry hurry

Hello. how was your day? i am so busy i’m so sorry but i have no time to post! monday i had to learn al day. Theusday i had to wrok, wednesday i had a shoot with a girl and today i had a shoot as well. It was verry nice bit cold outside, i had to word hard but the pictures are gourgous! wil post some verry soon! but gotta go! going to a friend and tomorrow i wil post again! xx Joy

Love is for losers, and i’m one of them

Hey. Today was a really weird day. I had a history test i have learned soo hard but the test was soo hard! I still hope i did a good job but can’t really tell. Then in the break i heard that a guy, who i use to be friends with, had a fight with a friend of mine and one of him as well but that wasn’t nice to hear. After the break i hung up so posters for the Halloween party at school. I still have to find a costum but i have a little idea i think i will go as catwoman. but further i was texting that cut boy. We’re having a date tomorrow really hope so! This week i have a fall vacation! I’m very busy have to work and learn for my pre exams and two days i have a shoot! but today i couldn’t find my camera. yes shame on me. so pics were made with my cellphone. and the last is with my bff Pinar! xx Joy


Hello my cuties! how’s life going? today i had a boring day at school. Just school and home work. Yesterday my H&M packet came! Including my blouse and dress. The dress wasn’t nice i look a bit like ma floder(some old antisocial character on a dutch show) so i will sent i back. I wore my blouse and fur gilet today! Also my new owl necklace. and during a boring dutch lesson i got the cutest text message from a cute guy from work. Now i have a dat with him this week. xx Joy


It’s all about how you wear it

hiii! sorry that i haven’t post for a while. o yes that’s true my blog is English now ;) but it has been a very busy week. my room is almost ready now. you can see my closet on the first pic! more is coming. Friday i went to the city to shop with my best frriend. i bought a fur hat! i’m soooo glad with it! i also had a party Friday. and Saturday i was sick so didn’t do much. and today i had to work. my pics are from Friday! and i got a new dress doll form my granny! and i want to thank everybody who left sweet messages! keep going! xx Joy